Algarh specializes in delivering a range of environmental management services, with particular expertise in Effluent Monitoring, decontamination, thermal insulation, Commercial Dry and Liquid Waste Collection, Energy from Waste Incineration, Liquid/Hazardous Waste Treatment, Materials Recycling and Reclamation, Recycling of Municipal and Specialized Wastes, Waste Bulking and Transfer and Waste Audits and Minimization Advice.
Our environmental services are designed and delivered by our team of industrial experts. We work in hazardous, demanding and sensitive environments and operate in Europe and Africa. We have the scale, skills, resources, and expertise to deliver projects safely, to schedule and on budget


Managing regulatory obligations is much more than avoiding financial penalties; but about protecting corporate reputation and operational performance. With growing government and stakeholder awareness of environmental issues, ensuring and demonstrating compliance can help companies attract investors, retain customers and boost revenue. Leading companies also view issues in environmental compliance as a leading indicator of broader operational performance issues.
As we are aware, environmental compliance is not a tick in the box activity; it’s an ongoing commitment and needs to be embedded into every major capital project as well as day-to-day operations and asset retirement.
In a continually changing regulatory landscape, many organizations seek help with understanding and cost effectively meeting their obligations at a local, regional, or country level. We provide guidance to not only achieve environmental compliance, but improve ongoing operational performance.
We align strategy, processes and people, and leverage cutting-edge tools and methodologies to help clients:

  • Understand the current regulatory landscape and anticipate changes
  • Adapt and respond to change
  • Safeguard current and future operations.
  • Achieve greater energy and resource efficiency.
  • Streamline systems and simplify data management.
  • Control costs and mitigate risks.

A partnership with Algarh goes beyond mere administrative compliance; it enables greater operational excellence and realizes maximum business value from environmental activities and investments.

Our environmental compliance services can be tailored and combined to provide an optimal solution for each client’s unique needs. These include:

  • Air Quality
  • Management Systems & Compliance Support
  • Audit
  • Sediments & Watershed Management
  • Impact Assessment
  • Site Investigation & Risk Assessment
  • FERC Permitting
  • Remediation Management
  • Due Diligence