Algarh Lab Services provide clients with innovative process improvement solutions and state-of-the art materials analysis. We deliver a ‘one-stop shop’ for industrial process problem solving and detailed analysis, along with sound advice based on the technical skills and expertise of this specialist team. We investigate our client’s materials and process issues; advise on monitoring methods; make recommendations on process improvement opportunities across the broadest range of industries.

Additionally, we undertake routine sampling, laboratory analysis and metrology in our well equipped laboratory, freeing your resources to concentrate on process management.

Algarh labs provides a wide range of quality and troubleshooting test methods for crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products on a global basis. The oil and gas laboratory network tests to recognized industry standards, such as ASTM, ISO, IP and others We provide expert customized analytical expertise for a problem solving and other quality challenges upstream and refining oil and gas clients face.

Algarh Testing Expertise Includes Crude Oil Reservoir Characterization, Crude Oil Assay, Oil And Gas Production Analysis, Refinery Feedstock Evaluation, Refined Products Testing, Corrosion Control, Natural Gas Testing, Crude oil and natural gas stream composition testing and much more.

  • Design, planning, purchase and commissioning of on-site laboratories.
  • Supply and rental of field equipment and laboratory consumables.
  • Operation of on-site laboratories, temporary or long term basis.
  • Auditing of on-site laboratories (third party verification).
  • Chemists and technicians for sampling, well operations, on-site measurements and studies.
  • Training of client personnel, special courses in accordance with specifications.

Algarh laboratory services are backed-up by an extensive global network of Oil and Gas and Petroleum focused research experts